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Undergraduate Research

Students in all academic disciplines are given the opportunity to partner with professors and engage in research, scholarship and creative endeavors as early as their freshman year in order to build a compelling resume to help them stand out to future employers and graduate schools.

Business today is looking for people to come from different fields and bring those skill sets to work together for something that's more than just Biology or Psychology. And so the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works, is working on helping our students build interdisciplinary skills, communicate effectively across disciplines. The goal is to get students to work on something novel with professors in any major in any field. And so we have students creating plays, and we have students doing research in Criminal Justice and in Law and in Psychology and the Sciences of course.

You don't have to have some wild amount of experience to do research. Being able to say that I did research and had meaningful research as early as my freshman year is something that's not very typical among universities.

Our Wanek School of Natural Sciences. That's our building we just opened for our undergraduate sciences. What's incredible and designed with the idea of our professors doing research and bringing students into these interactive labs.

By the time I'm out of college four years from now, I'll absolutely be working with the systems that we already have here in the lab.

I actually was involved in our summer undergraduate research program. We have students doing small chemistry, synthesis research, all the way to using GIS and global scale information to do their research with even Physics students looking at things that I couldn't even comprehend way off in space.

Our goal is not for students to be able to tout a project that they did in a semester or even in their senior year but to have years of experience doing projects, years' worth of skills to make them really comfortable with what they're going to do in their professional arena.