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Values-Based Learning

High Point University is on the John Templeton Foundation list of 100 Colleges in America that Encourage Character Development. It is in our DNA that we graduate learned young people grounded in sound moral decision-making framed with good character.


Building a well-rounded student and a well-rounded professional by the time they graduate is definitely a big goal of the university's educational background. The values-based learning here at High Point University means that it's not just about what's being taught in the classroom, but it's about what's outside of that classroom, the experiential learning.

That's part of our DNA. That's part of our roots, and what we do. Our students have performed over a million hours of community service the last decade, over 110,000 hours last year.

High Point University has enhanced my leadership and communication skills. I've been involved in numerous clubs and organizations, and one of them being the Leadership Fellows. That is devoted to enhancing the leadership skills, the emotional intelligence, the communication, the networking capabilities of students.

We are a very diverse campus as far as demographics go. We actually only have about 20% of our students that are from the state of North Carolina. The other 80% being out of state. But with that, I think there's a tremendous sense of culture here, a tremendous sense of pride and camaraderie with the students, just because we all share those similar characteristics and those similar qualities and ideals.

Students and faculty and staff are all involved in serving others. We believe that to whom much is given, much is required. And so, if you've been blessed, then we feel like we have an obligation to give back to others and to model that behavior for our students.