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You have reached an important moment in your life. Innovation and efficiency are the hallmarks of your next quest, and High Point University is ready to help you embrace this opportunity. High Point University prepares you for success and significance in any field, and will embolden you to discover your passions.


I came and I walked on the campus, and I was like, this place is crazy. I had never seen anything like it in my entire life. I walked into every dorm I saw. I was like, this is not a dungeon. This is beautiful. I was blown away.

After having seen it, you can't stop thinking about it. You compare everything else to High Point and everything pales in comparison.

This is the first school I took my tour. I knew from maybe the first 30 minutes, this was the school for me. I looked at my mom, she looked at me, and then we already knew.

Of course, we've got a beautiful, stunning, high-tech campus. But really what we're trying to model for students is that paying attention to the details is very important to success in your life. And so how do you teach a student to pay attention to the details? You must model that for them. You must immerse them in a culture where they see everybody in whatever their job is at High Point paying attention to the details to become excellent.

When I stepped onto High Point's campus, the professors came and talked to me. They really made me feel like I was someone that they wanted to be a part of their university as an individual. I felt like High Point really did care about experiential learning, adapting to the job market. They're always keeping up with the next big thing.

If you haven't been here, take a chance and come here. Visit for a weekend, comparing it to all the other schools. I looked at almost 25 schools. I can promise you that this environment is unlike any other college environment that you'll experience. And it will make you want to strive to do better for yourself and the community around you.