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A Day in the Life of an HPU Student

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A Day in the Life of Teddy

He's up at 7:30 a.m. ready to tackle a new video project for class: a parody of the Olympic games. Next, he'll give a tour to a family as a University Ambassador and later moves over to the theater to rehearse his lead role in the upcoming production of Cabaret. A junior at HPU, Teddy has a unique view of his college experience.


My typical day at High Point's pretty busy.

(SINGING) No one told me life was going to be this way.


It's a lot of excitement in different parts of my life.

This wonderful human being.

Hi. Hello, this is Emma.

My vocal coach, Melanie Krum. She's a fantastic coach.

Yo, Teddy, what's up, man.

I usually wake up at about 7:30 AM.

Captain's Log. Going to get some water at the kiosk. It's my favorite place to go in the morning, get some snacks. Got it fam.

I'll usually go to class at about 9:45. It's my senior production class, so I'll be working on my project for electronic media. From there, I'll usually go over my notes from last night's rehearsal. Right now I'm in the production of Cabaret. And then from there, I'll usually go to my second class of the day, global studies.

Occasionally I'll grab lunch in the Farmer's Market. Sometimes I go over to Slane at about 2:30, 2:45, shoot some basketball. Get some bikes out from Slane and start riding around campus.

So the evenings, I get food with some friends.

I'm doing great.

That's Jared. Hi, Jared. Bunch of theater people, well-dressed for the café. This is where we eat before rehearsal.

Then at about 5 o'clock I'll go to Toccatatones rehearsal.

(SINGING) --as there are stars above you--

And then at about 6:30, I'll head to rehearsal for Cabaret.

Going to rehearsal. Got cookies. We're feeling good. Feeling excited. Rachel, how are you doing?


(SINGING) Cabaret, to Cabaret!

At the end of a typical day at High Point, I feel pretty exhausted, just because there's so much stuff to do all day. But it also just gives me a lot of different areas in my life to be able to push towards and make better. So I feel like I've gotten everything that I needed to. It's all done. And now I can finally rest and prepare and get ready for tomorrow.