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A Day in the Life of an HPU Student

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A Day in the Life of Yulin

Yulin Pan is an international student at High Point University from Beijing, China. This is a look into why Yulin loves HPU: the extraordinary assistance International Student Services offers, the diverse array of international students, the safe environment that exists on this inspiring campus and more.

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I came to High Point because in my high school, I have a best friend. She was telling me this school is amazing, And that's why I'm here.

I think every day in my life is a little bit different. But my typical day is go to class, go to lunch and dinner with my friends, and have club meetings, and go to campus activities. International student service is very helpful for the international students. If they have any questions, if they have any issues on campus.

Students a High Point University have a lot of opportunities to get out into the community. We have shuttles that run from the University in to local cities like Greensboro and Winston-Salem. They also have frequent shuttles to grocery stores and local shopping areas here in High Point.

People are very nice around campus. They always hold the door for you to get into the entrance. Everyone I pass by are very smiley, and say hi, and are very friendly to me.

If I had to talk to parents about feeling safe about their students, I would say that for one thing, my son is a student here at High Point University. So I feel perfectly comfortable with the fact that this is one of the safest campuses, probably, in the world.

Every entrance to campus, they have one to two security standing by the gate and making sure every car entered into a High Point's campus are students or visitors.

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