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A Day in the Life of an HPU Student

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A Day in the Life of Bruna

Bruna Zucchi is an international student at High Point University from Victoria, Brazil. Bruna talks about why she loves her business major at HPU, the extraordinary opportunities she has to meet and learn from top leaders and innovators from various industries, the multitude of international students, the beautiful and fully furnished dorm rooms and the safe environment that exists on campus.

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What brought me to High Point was, I think, the business department. It's such a big deal here and Steve Wozniak coming and everything. And I got to meet with him in my freshman year and now, again, in my junior year.

I liked the look of it. This really is a pretty campus. I like also that there were a lot of international students. In the other schools there were not as many. And I felt like here would be more interesting to come and meet new cultures.

In High Point, usually for fun, I either go to [inaudible] or I go to the movies or I stay here on campus, which is pretty fun with all my friends. They have game nights or like that. For me, what makes the dorms really nice is the fact that they have everything, like furniture-wise. You don't really need much, just like your personal things. But you don't need to actually buy anything.

My favorite part of campus, I think, is Slane. Yeah, I think it's beautiful. And there's Starbucks, and there's everything there. When I go to Slane, usually, I go to study. And I go to the gym there.

I do feel safe here. I feel like the security staff is really good. And I love that High Point is a place that I could go anywhere and nothing would happen. I would tell international students that are thinking about coming to High Point to come, because it's a really good place. And they'll make a lot of friends. And they'll find a home.

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