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Health and Well-Being

High Point University aims to create a safe and healthy living environment on campus for all students. HPU assists students in maintaining their well-being through a variety of avenues: our on-campus minister helps students grow and develop spiritually, and our large counseling staff is available to listen and provide guidance. We also provide a strong support system for emergency situations, academic support services and access to exceptional healthcare to all.

I have never felt unsafe walking outside around this campus. Our entire campus is gated. And we have those Brand Link security guards and all those entrances and we just show our Panther Passport and we're able to get in and register visitors as well via an online system called, "iVisitor."

The passport card is their calling card to campus. If you're at a building that you don't have clearance we will actually program to reject you from that building.

So to get into any residence hall, you would need to scan your Panther Passport so that it would be able to read and know that you are a resident. It gets you into your dorm. It gets you into all academic buildings.

Basically, it also serves us since we are cashless campus there so it could be used as a debit card for their dining plan.

I feel as though High Point University does a great job helping promote health and well being on campus and we have so many different facilities that help promote this for students.

We recently created the Health and Wellness Division on our campus which is super unique. And I'm really excited that I got to be a part of that. We took student health clubs, sports rec, and counseling services and made them all one so that we could really provide one whole experience for students.

Having the medical center right here on campus, it makes it so easy because all of your information is already inputted into the system because it's a part of the university.

We tell the moms and dads that they're our children too, and we thank you for entrusting your kids with us. Safety is our number one priority. And... we're here for them.