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Health and Well-Being

High Point University aims to create a safe and healthy living environment on campus for all students. HPU assists students in maintaining their well-being through a variety of avenues: our on-campus minister helps students grow and develop spiritually, and our large counseling staff is available to listen and provide guidance. We also provide a strong support system for emergency situations, academic support services and access to exceptional healthcare to all.

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High Point University is a place that is welcoming, accepting, and affirming of all, and beyond that, celebrating the gift of diversity that our students bring. In our effort to make sure that all students are welcomed and all students are able to call this place home, we do have an on-campus minister right here on our campus that students have access to, to develop spiritually and to grow spiritually.

Yeah, we feel like we're creating space for people from all across the religious spectrum. I mean, being an institution that was founded by the United Methodist Church and still holds to its Christian identity, we found one of those core tenants is to be a place that provides hospitality for people from all across the religious spectrum.

We do have peer mentors that walk alongside our first year students as they navigate their first year at High Point University, helping them to figure out what clubs to be involved in. What are some of the unwritten, sort of, traditions and the culture of this place. Our peer mentors are a great resource for students.

We have a large counseling staff at High Point University. And I can tell you from students who go to there, the care is top notch. They're going to find people who really want to come alongside them, help them through the highs and lows of life, and not be a short-term fix to anything, but to be a guide and be a friend. If students have an emergency here on this campus from the Office of Student Life to Academic Support to Health Services, we're going to take care of it.

We have access to great medical care. We have access to great counseling care. We have, actually, access, if I might say so myself, to quality religious professionals.

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