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Our City. Our University.

Giving back and making a difference is a component of the values-based education at HPU: our students commit over 100,000 volunteer hours to the City of High Point each year. HPU also has over 150 partnerships with local businesses throughout the city: restaurants, car dealerships, car service centers, pharmacies, local shops and more provide students with discounts and welcome them with open arms.

Being from High Point, I grew up here, graduated from high school here and went to school in my own hometown and I've been able to see the growth of the city.

The food scene is growing. You will see new restaurants coming up day in and day out.

There's so many ways that you can, you know, go out with the girls and really just be in the city of High Point and feel safe and feel comfortable.

All students here on campus have a HPU Passport Card. With that program, they can dine off-campus and use their money on their general funds that their mom and dad can actually place on their card from home. All of our passport partners are very vast. We have anywhere from a pharmacy where they can get their prescriptions to a car vehicle service so they can get their oil changed.

Quick 20-30 minute drive and you can hike. I actually recently went on a sunset hike with my friends at Hanging Rock and it was completely beautiful.

You drive an hour and a half away and you're in beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway you are in the Great Smoky Mountains where hiking and waterfalls and tons of amazing things are up there.

We are about a three-and-a-half-hour drive to the beach. All of our students here on HPU's campus do not need a vehicle. We have shuttles that actually run seven days a week to get students to classes. So it makes it very convenient. Our transportation has a shopping shuttle on the weekend. So we want it to be convenient for our students and very easy and seamless as they navigate here at HPU.