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Our City. Our University.

Giving back and making a difference is a component of the values-based education at HPU: our students commit over 100,000 volunteer hours to the City of High Point each year. HPU also has over 150 partnerships with local businesses throughout the city: restaurants, car dealerships, car service centers, pharmacies, local shops and more provide students with discounts and welcome them with open arms.

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High Point University and the city partnered together in various ways. Our students actually commit over 100,000 volunteer hours to the city of High Point per year that are constantly bettering the High Point community. And the city of High Point really welcomes them with open arms these organizations. Not only that, but they wear the "We Love High Point University" T-shirts, the purple hats. They're very, very supportive of High Point University.

We have about 150 partners. That's restaurants, car dealerships, places to get your car serviced, pharmacies, and all of the above that accept the HPU Passport card. Every student has a Passport card here on campus. It's really convenient for them. So Mom and Dad at home can actually deposit money if they need to on that account. So if they're off-campus, about a hundred of our partners accept the card as payment similar to a debit card.

So it really, really is a convenience factor, a security factor. They don't have to carry cash. Keep in mind, many of these businesses offer HPU students a discount. So they'll come in and say, we love HPU. We want to support you. We want to give you 10% off or 20% off and really welcome them to their business.