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The Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy at High Point University is an exciting program that allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience using state-of-the art equipment so they are prepared to enter the field. Pharmacy students learn compounding, how to create mock prescriptions, over-the-counter products and more in HPU’s Pharmacy Skills Lab and Sterile IV Room. In addition, students gain experience interacting with patients in our Standardized Client Suites and Community Pharmacy Room, in which actors will simulate real-world scenarios pharmacists experience regularly.

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Hi. I'm [? nikita ?] [? patel. ?] I'm a rising P2 here at Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy at High Point University. We've got some extraordinary places to show you around here. Let's check it out.

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This is the pharmacy skills lab. This is where we take our knowledge from the classroom and use it in hands-on experiences. We work with compounding, creating mock prescriptions, as well as working with over-the-counter products. Hey, guys, what are you doing?

Hey. Just making some [inaudible].

Cool. So part of the skills lab is also the sterile IV room. This is where you would compound sterile products such as IV bags for hospital use. Before you can come into this room, you have to walk through the ante room, where you gown up and pass your equipment through this pass-through door.

Here's the glove box where you can prepare sterile products. So we're going to put our sterile product in here and then we're going to slip our gloves on. And so we're going to retrieve our bag. And now that it's in the sterile space, we can add the drug to it and have it ready for the patient.

This is our standardized client suite where students get to practice with actors who portray a variety of different diseases and situations. This is our community pharmacy room, where our students get to interact with standardized clients and sharpen their interpersonal communication skills.

This is one of our faculty labs. We're soon to have the opportunities to assist with research. Students also have the opportunity to take MBA classes.

Something that I was really excited about was being a part of a school being built from the ground up because the professors and the faculty that were coming to found it were coming from schools all across the country. And they were being able to put together the things they've learned from those schools and being able to use all this innovation to create the school exactly how they wanted it to be. It's a really neat opportunity in a way that I'm learning a lot and getting to grow so that once I graduate, I already have all that contact with patients and be very familiar talking with patients in the future.

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