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Athletic Training

Students in the Athletic Training program at High Point University gain real-world experience working one-on-one with certified athletic trainers to provide quality care to HPU student athletes. The research lab here is one of the finest in the world, and students work with:

  • a hydrotherapy room that utilizes an underwater treadmill
  • two sports medicine labs located on campus
  • a biodex machine
  • a 1,600-square-foot biomechanics lab
  • cadaver lab
  • rotations in various fields: dance, football, military, industrial, etc.

Hi, I'm Erin Kellogg. And currently we're in the Sports Medicine Complex within the Witcher Athletic Center. And I want to show you a couple neat things we have here. Come take a look.

So here at High Point University, students like myself go to work one-on-one with our certified athletic trainers to provide quality care to our student athletes. And one of the ways we do this is through our hydrotherapy room, such as utilizing our underwater treadmill.

We have amazing facilities, including two sports medicine clinics here on our own campus.

The Biodex is great for our student athletes to perform balance training after they have sustained orthopedic injuries or concussions.

Here, we are in the human biomechanics and physiology lab where athletic training students get to utilize state of the art equipment for experiential learning.

Our students benefit from taking cadaver dissection. We send students to a wide variety of Division 1 athletic environments, local high schools, NASCAR, working with performing artists in dance medicine.

Here in the biomechanics lab, we also do a lot of student research. We have over 25 motion capturing cameras.

We are working with some athletic training students doing some mechanical analyzes. We're actually analyzing how she lands and potentially if she's at risk of lower extremity injuries.

My goal is to work for a D1 football school. High Point enables me to go out and go to clinical sites at D1 football schools.

Whether it's dance, football, military, industrial, they will find something for me to do as a rotation so I can get that experience and really figure out what it is that I want to do in my career.

Faculty and staff genuinely care about students and their success. It really creates the best package available for our students to succeed.