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Physical Therapy

A core value of the Physical Therapy program at High Point University is to create experts in human movement. Students in this immersive, unique program do this by gaining hands-on experience working with patients and state-of-the-art technology, such as:

  • a robotic exoskeleton that helps patients with spinal cord and stroke injuries
  • a technologically advanced virtual reality system that simulates various environments and terrains with a treadmill that moves up and down as well as left to right
  • a 1,600-square-foot biomechanics lab
  • a 9,000-square-foot pro bono clinic that provides equitable access to expert care for the High Point community with a full-time clinician; one in five people in High Point do not have health insurance and students work in this clinic for a full year

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Welcome to the Virtual Reality and Clinical Gait Analysis Laboratory. Inside we have awesome cutting edge technology, that our students get to use. So let's take a look inside. So the first thing I want to show you guys, here, is the robotic exoskeleton. This allows people with spinal cord injury and stroke to go ahead and practice their walking again.

Hi, Doctor Welson.

So one of our coolest features here is the Grail Virtual Reality System. This is a split treadmill that not only goes up and down, it also goes left to right as well, providing an immersive experience for [? hypatia's. ?]

Hi, everyone. Welcome to our biomechanics lab, here at High Point University. This is an awesome place for all of our physical therapy students to learn. Come take a look.

One of the core values here at High Point is to create experts in human movement, which is why we've built this 16,000 square foot bio-mechanic lab. It gives us a chance for students to get a hands on learning experience instead of sitting in the classroom. Hey, Dr. Wright, how's to going?

The open space of this lab allows for collaboration between scientists of different realms to put what they research directly into clinical practice.

One of the things I like best about High Point's classrooms is we're able to sit and learn about a technique and go to the lab and apply it. Instead of going home and reading about it, we're able to directly apply what we've learned in class that day to the lab. All right, I'm going to test some of your muscle strength, here, so just don't let me move you either way. OK? And don't let me pull you out. Fantastic. And don't let me move you. Good job.

Hi, welcome to High Point University's Department of Physical Therapy Pro-bono Clinic. We are very excited to bring equitable access to expert care. We are open 40 hours per week. We have a full time clinician, who works with our students. And we are helping our community, get physical therapy. There is a huge need here in High Point, because one in five people do not have health insurance.

So I'm super excited to show you around. Come on. And here we have the opportunity for students to be involved. We have a student board that provides community resources, including the food pantry.

And in this beautiful 9,000 square foot facility, our students get the unique opportunity to work with the same patients for a full year, while they're in the classroom. So they're getting that hands on experience, while they're learning it in the class.

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