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The Exercise Science program at High Point University is an interactive learning experience through which students are prepared for the real world. Exercise Science students work in our 16,000-square-foot biomechanics lab and have access to innovative technology, such as a 3D foot scanner, foot pressure mapping system, a wet lab and a DXA machine. Class sizes are small, allowing for one-on-one interactions and enhanced learning opportunities. Additionally, students in the program do research and present regularly at national conferences.

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Hi, I'm Elizabeth, and we are in the Human Biomechanics and Physiology Lab here at High Point University. I get to spend a lot of time here as an undergraduate exercise science student, and today I'm going to show you a couple of the really cool things that we do here. Currently, I'm the project coordinator for a study with Adidas where we test the performance of football cleats in high school football players. With that study, I get to use a lot of really cool equipment, including two types of 3D foot scans, a foot pressure mapping system, and a dual energy X-ray absorptiometry machine, which measures body composition.

OK so this scan shows his bone marrow density body composition. Two of the things I love most about the exercise science program here at High Point are the opportunity to do research and present at national conferences and the small class sizes. Both of these have allowed me to create personal connections with all of my professors. Hi, Zach. Hi, Dr. [? churora. ?]

Hey. Hello, Elizabeth.

The great thing about the classes here is that you can take things you learn and apply them directly to places like here in the wet lab. I got to research the difference in protein level expression from athletes who exercise at a regular altitude as opposed to a high altitude. And I got to present those findings at a regional conference in Tennessee. Overall, this has been a great experience that I don't think I would have been able to get at another university, and it's helped lay the groundwork for future educational endeavors. I've already applied and been accepted to the PT school here and I'm just excited to get going

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