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A Day in the Life of an HPU Student

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Amazing Dorms ranked High Point University with the #1 Best Dorms in America for 2018, and for good reason. At HPU, campus life empowers students by helping them to create a strong sense of self, both in the classroom and in their residential environment.

Niche is a great college website known very well throughout high school students and we have been ranked number one for housing by them, which is such an honor. But I'm not surprised at all. Our housing is exceptional. We have a numerous number of tier options when it comes to housing. We start with Tier 1, which is mostly for freshmen, where we have single-sex or coed, hall-style dorms. Middle classmen will normally live in an apartment-style dorm. And lastly, we have Tier 5, which is mostly for upper classmen. We have individual townhomes along a street.

I live in a Tier 5 room, which is beautiful. We have full beds, which is something you don't expect when you come to college. The furniture has HPU engraved in the headboard. I have huge windows, so the lighting is awesome. My bathroom, which I only share with one person, has granite countertops and so does my kitchen. The room also came with a nice couch and also came with the kitchen table.

There's also the firepits right around the corner from my dorm that I can see out my window. And we really like sitting there during the week at night. I love the people that are in my dorm and I'm really glad that I got to have this high-point dorm room experience because it's really better than anywhere else I can possibly think of.