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Project Discovery

Project Discovery is a unique platform beginning their freshman year at High Point University in which students learn more about themselves and their interests while working with a professional Success Coach. The program is divided into eight “Light Blub Moments” geared towards self-discovery and professional development to help students succeed both academically and in the real world.

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I thought Project Discovery was really interesting because it's a unique platform that just gives students the opportunity to kind of explore themselves. Because a lot of colleges just drop their students and don't really give them a direction, but this gives students the direction that they need.

As an undeclared student, you'll enter High Point University paired with a success coach who cares, understands, and is knowledgeable about the major and career paths available to you. There are eight light bulb moments to Project Discovery. First, it all starts with your success coach. As an undeclared student, you'll work with a success coach who's passionate about helping you find a major that's a great fit for you, while also facilitating positive connections on campus and helping you get involved in areas that you're interested in. We encourage you to take exploratory courses to explore your interests.

One of the great courses that you can take is a 1-credit course called EXP 1401, Exploring Your Major and Career Path. Every student at High Point University is assigned a first year navigator, a fellow student who can support you in your transition to college. We have an event at High Point University called Majors, Minors, and More. This is an opportunity for students to come talk with faculty about their majors, minors, and other opportunities. Often, students are unsure of the opportunities that they have with a major. And this allows us to show students the many career options that they have for each major.

Students are able to work with career advisors to explore career opportunities more deeply. And they also prepare students for internships and interviews. Each semester, we hold Coffee Connection events that allow students to meet with faculty in an informal setting, learn more about their academic field, and start developing relationships with those faculty members. Peer career advisors are upperclassmen who can work with students to help them craft their resume, which will prepare them for interviews and other experiential learning opportunities to continue exploring majors and careers.

Project Discovery really enhanced my college journey because it gave me a direction to lead me into a path that I knew that I could be successful in, instead of just dropping me in and not really knowing where to go, like a lot of the other colleges do. There wasn't a ton of majors that I was interested in. Along with talking to my success coach, Emily Long, she gave me course descriptions and the list of all the classes. And so I was able to see which set of classes pulled me into one particular way. I also talked to a lot of other students and a lot of faculty in order to figure out what the departments really do and what type of jobs I can get with a degree in those fields.

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