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Academic Innovation

Innovation is in High Point University’s DNA, in part because we understand the true meaning of the word. Sometimes, innovation is implementing something new to move the world forward in positive ways.

Other times, it’s reinventing methods that already exist in a different, value-adding capacity. And, no matter what, innovation is about creating relevance. It’s about connecting the dots between creativity and pragmatism and placing a radical focus on improving student outcomes.

I have been here 15 years. And it is, beyond words what has occurred in those last 15 years just with facilities, with resources, with an expansion of faculty, and all of the different supplemental resources on campus.

The Innovation Corridor is a corridor, all buildings that we have here on campus and includes everything from Pharmacy to the Health Sciences to Wanek School of Natural Sciences. And of course, th School of Engineering. And these are often more the STEM areas. And this is where a lot of research is happening on campus, a lot of innovations taking place on campus. And there's also a lot of collaboration across the schools.

So the RISE app was created and used by our Student Success Department. So with that the students can really track and the success coaches can track how the students are adjusting to college and making sure that they are getting the best experience and utilizing all the tools that we do have here at the university.

Because we have students that are coming from a myriad of different majors, we bring them together to learn about how to communicate with people from other fields to talk about the work that they do, so that anybody can understand it, anybody can get excited about it. Because business today is looking for interdisciplinarity.

It's easy for us to sit in the classroom and talk all day to the students. That model doesn't work well. We're not a school that basically says, "Here's the theory and let me assess how will you know the theory?" It's a case of, "Yes, you need to know some of that theory to go and solve the problem."

That ecosystem of support doesn't stop when you cross the stage in front of Roberts Hall. It's truly there for you during your whole career. It's really a holistic experience, making sure that you're covered in all aspects for your whole time here at High Point and after.