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Through our innovative programs, the Webb School of Engineering at High Point University works to create a synergistic relationship between practitioners, researchers and innovators. Our students are equipped for the workforce because they put their learning into practice by doing—as student researchers in our Research Rookies program; as engineers and computer scientists offering solutions within internships with companies like BMW Manufacturing, Redhat, FireEye and Digital Cloak; as competitors in national challenges with esteemed organizations such as the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) or by engaging with our vibrant community partners as market trading interns with companies such as JP Morgan Chase & Co. Headquarters; as financial advisors with Northwestern Mutual or as Implementation/Data Analytics consultants and interns with Fast Enterprises, LLC. Come join us!

The Webb School of Engineering has three departments. There's Computer Science, Mathematics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. And between those we have about nine programs. And all of those programs tend to provide students with a good solid foundation. So the water gone to grad school, they're well prepared. They want to go and work in industry, they're also well prepared.

The technology and the resources that we have here are outstanding. The "Maker Space" is an area specifically for engineers. And it's kind of a two-part thing. It has a ton of resources like 3D printers, more technology, computers, all of that kind of thing in there. But it also is a community space for engineers to collaborate.

Students here get a fairly unique education, from an engineering perspective, in the sense that we are an engineering department embedded within a liberal arts school. So the students get to learn a lot of life skills that really prepare them for employment as an engineer or a computer scientist or a mathematician. And those skills include critical thinking and so forth that you get from that liberal outside. Most engineering schools are not in that kind of environment.

Here from day one, the head of engineering program, knew my name, knew what I wanted to achieve, and was totally willing to help me get there.

Wozniak or "Woz," as he likes to be called, has had a fairly long association with the school. He mostly works with computer science students and engineering students. And he's very much interested in mentoring the students and working with them. He's always there for them. He's happy to take email from them and respond to them that way. It's a unique opportunity for the students and one they don't get anywhere else.