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Tuition Free Masters Program

The entire HPU community is committed to instilling students with life skills that transcend any specific industry or technological change. Life skills include the ability to communicate well with diverse groups of people, solve complex problems and embrace the opportunity to adapt. That’s why HPU offers a Tuition-Free Master’s Degree in Communication and Business Leadership to all students who complete their undergraduate degree at HPU. This graduate degree is designed to complement any undergraduate major and ensure your lifelong success. And it’s TUITION FREE! Who does that?

The President of the University, Nido Qubein, had a great idea. His question to me was, "If we start this master's degree, could we do it now and offer it to the students who've just graduated? Who will be going into a world that they have no idea what's going to happen?" And the answer was, "Yes." So if they graduate, and then say a year, they develop all those other skill sets. One, is business. Number two, is communication. And number three, we look at leadership.

The Communication and Business Leadership Master's Program is actually a program that was rolled out because there was a need to implement a new master's program for High Point students of all majors, not just communication in business. So even though the title says that, a political science student, a criminal justice student, and you know, physical therapy student could also join into the program.

A great term to use is, "Crisis-proofing." How do we give any student any person, the skill set that when the world blows up, you're one of the integral people that an organization is going to want to keep or even better recruit? So one way to crisis-proof people, it's actually teach them about managing crisis. If you've been able to analyze a situation and say, "Here's what you need to do. Here's why. Here's the budget. Here's how I'm going to assess my return on investment." Who wouldn't want to keep that person? Who wouldn't want to promote that person?

And it's something that I tell everyone to take advantage of because it's tuition-free. So you're really getting a year and a half of schooling for not a master's program price.