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Benefits of Applying Early Decision

Are you tired of the time-draining stress that goes with painstakingly searching for, then visiting, applying to and completing enrollment at the perfect college for your student? High Point University—the Premier Life Skills University—has developed an innovative alternative to the process while adding numerous benefits and value for students and families who desire to be part of the HPU family. We call this alternative process Early Decision. Early Decision at HPU is more than a mere “application plan.” Early Decision is the fast-track to a stress-free senior year in high school, a reward for students who passionately want to join the HPU family and a simple way for families to navigate the college application process. Learn more about 11 extraordinary benefits in this video.

This was the only school I applied to. I loved the whole process of it. So applying early decision, it comes with so many benefits. You get priority housing. You know where you're going to live. You get early access to your success coach as well as classes. And you get your own parking spot.

So those students that apply early decision will get access to a coach months before their orientation. And before they start here at High Point and they'll be able to work with them multiple times throughout the summer to make sure that they're prepared to start college.

Being early decision was a big weight off of my shoulders. I was able to in November, know what school I was going to and that, "I'm living here. I'm in this class, like check, check, check." I'm... I'm sad. I love this school like I can't not talk great about it. There's so many great benefits of just the school in general and how stunning the school is and how blessed I am to be here.