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A Day in the Life of an HPU Student

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HPU Spirit

High Point University fields 16 Division I teams and competes in the Big South Conference. Hundreds of students also participate in our dynamic, championship-level Club Sports and Intramural Sports teams. Not a player? Join the rowdy section at all events with the student-led cheer squad known as the "Purple Reign".


Some of the the athletic events that I like to attend are basketball games and men's and women's soccer games, as well.

My big for my sorority is on the lacrosse team, so I like going to cheer her on. Everyone gets super excited for basketball season. The student section is always really pumped up and free giveaways, like capes and masks.

I paint my friends' faces for the game as well as mine. They have big heads of different presidents or just famous celebrities in general, and they all stand in the student section with the big fat heads to distract the other teams when they're doing free throws or something like that.

If I was to describe Prowler spirit in one word, I would say it's very infectious. A lot of the students got involved, and once you see one student screaming their lungs out in the crowd, everyone wants to get involved to cheer on our fellow team mates.

One thing that gets students really pumped up is our fall and spring concerts. This semester we had Cheat Codes and Daya. I think it was my favorite day of all my days at High Point. The guy came down into the audience and was hugging me and they were blowing us with fog, and we just had such a good time.

We get involved in a lot of volunteer work. We've worked with a bunch of kids in the committee. For me, community's been big. Coming from Africa, I've been given a lot of opportunity, and so giving back is something that I really enjoy doing.