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HPU Spirit

High Point University fields 16 Division I teams and competes in the Big South Conference. Hundreds of students also participate in our dynamic, championship-level Club Sports and Intramural Sports teams. Not a player? Join the rowdy section at all events with the student-led cheer squad known as the "Purple Reign".

High Point kind of has this wonderful welcoming spirit that you feel as soon as you come onto campus. So I really like that being a cheerleader I kind of add to that spirit and I'm able to show people why I love High Point University.

We compete in Division One NCAA sports, we've had great success recently finishing third in all DI-AAA schools

Someone who hasn't missed those games before it may seem something that... A different experience that they never had. You walk in and all the fans are just excited. Sometimes the lights are going. They'll have smoke going on when the basketball team runs out and it's just a very exciting place to be and there's... You could just tell everyone just loves being there and everyone's excited for the game.

The new Nido and Mariana Qubein Center that's a $170 million facility. I've taken people NBA executives and other people through the building and I've asked them following the that tour, "Am I lying on that? Or am I not right?" And they say, "No, you're dead on this is the facility is amazing!" I would describe our athletic environment as a family-feeling environment for sure. President Qubein is our number one fan. You can see him at every single game. But then also we've got great support from the High Point Community and then that's just spiced up by our student body which provides the support our student-athletes need to be successful and win championships.