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Squad Goals

With more than 100 student life campus organizations and more than 600 students competing in club and intramural sports, at High Point University you won’t just be asked to question the world around you – you’ll be expected to become an active citizen.

HPU prides itself in its involvement. We're not a school, where your academics are your only thing that matters. It is also the extracurriculars that you can put behind yourself and into your resume. That's what makes you who you are.

High Point has so many amazing programs that they offer. And so you can really get involved in any aspect of your passions and then really grow them from there.

You definitely are given all of the support you need. During your first week of classes, you'll get to meet lots of student organizations and student leaders on campus as well as attend an involvement fair that really gives you a hub of resources.

Students start dozens of clubs every single year, there's never a boring moment on this campus. There's always something happening, whether it's clubs and organizations putting on events or whether it is the university putting on events.

Here at the university, we have 16 Division One athletic teams where we have all different events through campus activities, team athletics, and SGA to bring them out and get them involved on campus, either.

Fun movie nights, you know, you can grab popcorn and candy and just go with your friends watch a movie, or you know, going to the arcade and playing a few games. It's just, it's really such a fun experience here.

There's an organization called, "Interfaith United," in which students who are Muslim who are Jewish, who are Christian, even atheists, all come together and they just talk.

The most important things are just to open those doors for yourself and see what opportunities are available. And then something will really click and that's where you'll invest the majority of your time once you grow and learn more about yourself.