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Meet Your Success Coach

The First-Year Success Program eases all students through the transition into college by providing them with academic support coaching and advising, as well as opportunities to get comfortable and connected inside and outside of the classroom. Our Success Coaches are adults with advanced degrees and no teaching load. They devote 100% of their time to their assigned students.

A Success Coach works with students in their first year. We serve as their academic advisor, a life coach, a motivator.

Our Student Success Program is 13 different Success Coaches here at the university. They are full-time staff, and their job is to help you through your first year of college. I was an early decision student so I got access to my success coach in November of my senior year of high school. So really helping with that transition to college while I was still in high school.

The Success Coaches here at High Point University are absolutely incredible. It's a really unique program that we have for our freshmen coming in and not really being able to navigate their way through college. I personally loved mine, she was my best friend, my mentor. She was everything I needed her to be at the time.

We have a excellent program called, "Project Discovery" that's really open to all students, but it's intended particularly for our undeclared population. It helps them explore different majors of interests. It helps them connect with different resources on campus to help them find out what their passions are, and help them to explore those passions.

The Success Coaches here at High Point know everything and if they don't know it, they can find someone who can help you and put you in that direction.

And one of the skills that we really work with students on is coachability. So we want to be sure that students have that coachability where they are able to take on new tasks and learn new things without fear of failure. That's one of the skills that employers want to see.

You're truly not alone here at High Point University. You have a whole series of people behind you really ensuring that you're happy here as well as you're happy after college.