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Meet Your Success Coach

The First-Year Success Program eases all students through the transition into college by providing them with academic support coaching and advising, as well as opportunities to get comfortable and connected inside and outside of the classroom. Our Success Coaches are adults with advanced degrees and no teaching load. They devote 100% of their time to their assigned students.


Students actually get access to their Success Coach before their orientation weekend. We're there to support students academically, so serving as their academic advisor, helping them with challenges they may be facing in class, helping them plan their schedules. Also we're there in a social sense, where we help make sure that they're connected to student organizations, activities here on campus. And also we're there just kind of as a transition support to help them get from high school and home here to a college campus to be successful.

So originally I came into High Point University on a pre-med track as a biology major. Now I decided to take a criminal justice class just for fun, because I was always interested. As soon as I got there, I was excited for homework, and I was excited for all the projects to come. So right after that, I switched majors. And my Success Coach was there 100% of the way. They were there to help me choose new classes to get right back on track with no hiccups in the road.