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Career Development Coach

From freshman career planning and creating LinkedIn profiles, to conducting interviews on campus, students cultivate career options from day one. During your time at HPU, you are equipped with the tools needed to prepare for your successful career. Our Career Advisors help you explore your interests, identify your strengths and develop a plan that will prepare you for life after graduation.


We totally support the students from the time they start with us as freshmen until the time they get that first job as a senior.

Your coach will actually sit down with you and help you create a four year career development plan. So that all four years you are working towards that main career goal of yours. They actually have a wall of logos that past students have gotten internships with, anywhere from NBC and Apple to ESPN and MTV.

We have alumni all over the nation and around the world that are doing some wonderful things. And so we do utilize that network for internships and job opportunities. They come back and they speak at our classes. They're just a wonderful group of people that really want to help out.

Some of the students I've known since their freshman year. And to see them go from a shy and maybe a little unpolished to being a professional that can walk in a boardroom anywhere in this country and speak articulately and present effectively, it's just so rewarding. It's the best part of my job to see them land powerful internships with Fortune 500 companies and job opportunities at some of the top companies and firms in the world. It's just very gratifying.