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President's Seminar on Life Skills

The President’s Seminar on Life Skills is an opportunity for every first-year student to reap the benefits of Dr. Qubein’s lifetime of learning. This required weekly course taken your first semester teaches time management, energy management, communication skills, financial literacy, leadership and achieving success and significance in your life.


Every freshman takes a class called President's Seminar that is actually taught by our president here at the University, Dr. Nido Qubein. And the whole point of the seminar is to teach you life skills that aren't normally taught in the classroom, whether that's saving money or learning public speaking or anything in between.

So Dr. Qubein actually teaches the class. And it's all the freshmen class together in this one big auditorium and we all learn together, and that's something that we all share. Every freshman takes it and every freshmen takes out something that they never knew about themselves.

One big thing that I took from the seminar was, actually, the importance of public speaking and how to properly project myself and really convey about what I'm actually trying to say. Before I came here, I was really shy. I wasn't really into public speaking until I took that class where Dr. Qubein gave me the confidence to go through public speaking with no issue.

And that's how I became an ambassador. With my strong public speaking skills from that initial class, I have shaped into a whole new person.