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Access to Innovators

Imagine pitching an idea to Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph or asking former U.S. Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell a question. Amazing, right? High Point University regularly hosts internationally acclaimed thought leaders who interact with you and help you discover your own path to personal growth and leadership.

At High Point University, there's so many resources but one of my favorite is the Access to Innovators Program where you really get to meet industry professionals. You don't just get to meet these industry professionals but build relationships with them and connect with them on a personal and professional level. And it really sets you apart when you're going to get internships, reaching out for job opportunities, and you can use these amazing people as a recommendation.

I had the opportunity my junior year to fully dive right into the Access to Innovators Program with meeting Cynt Marshall, our Sports Executive in Residence, I actually had the opportunity to email her with some of the Mavericks internship positions I was looking at. And two weeks later, I received a phone call from the front office asking if I would interview for a Marketing internship.

One of our amazing faculty members is also our broadcaster and residents, Joe Michaels directed the Today Show for over 22 years, over 5000 episodes. And we get to meet with him on a regular basis, take classes with him, and really learn from somebody who's the best in the business. He's definitely one of my biggest mentors on campus, and he even helped me get the internship at ABC.

Mentorship Matters is a program where we again want students to be successful and the faculty here wants students to be successful as well. So they're going to provide you every opportunity to gain a mentor, whether that be someone within your major or minor who's an upperclassman, whether that be your Student Success Coach, your academic advisor, or even you know, connecting with alumni and career and professional development. Being able to say I met Steve Wozniak. I met Mark Randolph. You know, I had a class with Joe Michaels and Larry Quinn is fantastic and that those are skills that you're going to acquire from these individuals that you won't get anywhere else.

From day one, you get these amazing experiences. And it doesn't matter if you're a senior or a junior, even freshmen can go to lunch with Byron Pitts like I did and really meet with these amazing industry professionals.